Hong Kong Gathering

Tuesday 25th March 2014

Zafran, a bar restaurant in Central Hong Kong, was the perfect venue for the second Hong Kong Gathering held for friends of RGS.  On the night, over 20 of the wider Reigatian community attended, including ex-alumni, parents, staff & friends. There was plenty of banter, old school stories remembered and business cards exchanged. For photos of the event please click here.

The venue choice was obvious when we discovered that James Ward (‘05) was the young, dynamic Manager! We are all very thankful to James for his excellent hospitality and support for the event. We are also grateful to James Daniels (’92) and Lawrence Webb (’77) for their support and encouragement to help make the Hong Kong friends group grow and develop.

If you are based in Hong Kong or SE Asia and wish to learn more of how you can connect with Reigatians in the region and attend events, then please contact the foundation office foundation@reigategrammar.org