Reigate Grammar School Archives

New group set up

For all you Reigatians who have signed up to Facebook, there is now a Group set up to promote the archives and memories of the school. The group is called “Reigate Grammar School Archives”. The aim of this group is to encourage anybody with information, photos, memories or anything with a connection to Reigate Grammar School to share it with other Reigatians. The purpose is simply to add factually to the history of the school.

“I encourage all Reigatians with an interest in the history of the school to join and participate. Remember, that the history of the school includes the time that you attended, even if you only left last year. You may think that the archive contains a lot of information from recent years, but this is not necessarily true. For example, we hold a lot of photographs taken about ten years ago, but they are of little value at present since they do not have anything to identify the events pictured, nor the people pictured! I hope that we can find people who can help identify the place, time and people in them. This is also an opportunity for you to add to the archive yourself if you have photographs, documents or just important memories of your time at school.

I hope we can all add to our knowledge here of this important local institution, in which we have all played our part in some small way. Please take a look and get involved if you like what you see”.
Peter Burgess