Changing Lives Update – Great news!!

Since the launch of the Changing Lives Campaign back in January 2014 at Mansion House, the response from The Reigatian

Community, has been overwhelming.

Just over 12 months on, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that over £900,000 has already been raised as a result of your generous collective giving, leaving us just under £100,000 short of our initial target of £1m.

It is not just the amount of money to be donated that is staggering, but also the fact that we are so close to achieving our initial target ONE YEAR ahead of schedule. This will mean that we will be able to provide places at RGS for Twenty new ‘1675 Scholars’ by the end of 2015, if successful.

Thank you for all your kind generosity, please support where you can and help us reach this target a year early!