American Friends of RGS

The American Friends of Reigate Grammar School is an association formed in partnership with the Foundation Office at the school. The broad aims of the AFRGS are to strengthen network links between each other and the school, raise awareness and connectivity within our Reigatian community and channel philanthropic support.

As president of the AFRGS, I feel honoured to represent and promote the work of the RGS Foundation Department in North America. In November 2011 I returned to Reigate for a ’25 years on’ Silver Reunion where I was able to re-ignite so many friendships. I was excited by the changes that are taking place and the desire of the school to build a global Reigatian community. I look back at my time at RGS with fond memories as it played a vital role in my development. If you live in North America, I hope that you will join me in supporting this group”.
Michael Lloyd (RGS 1981-1986)
President of the AFRGS

If you would like any further information about the American Friends of RGS please contact Sean Davey: